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 Rule (unofficially official until otherwise noted)

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PostSubject: Rule (unofficially official until otherwise noted)   Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:08 am

(They're here for a reason so it is advised you follow them)

Posting rules:

1. No spamming the forum. If you want to advertise I will gladly set up a place for it. If you want to talk about random stuff, there is a topic set up for that too.

2. Please try to use proper grammar/English. If your PC doesn't do this automatically in this forum you can also copy and paste what you typed into Microsoft Word and use spell check before posting. Any posts that are not in English will be deleted on sight.

3.Use language that is unoffensive to others. This means no swearing. Any post that contains it will be deleted and you will be warned.

4.Offensive material will not be tolerated. Do not post any sexual, abusive or violent content in this forum. Your post will be deleted, and your account will get banned if this goes on.

Character Creation:

1.Absolutely no God Modding. Every character will have a weakness and will not be invincible or all powerful.

Since this is a Final Fantasy forum I know there are more than a few creatures. But please refrain from creating werewolves, zombies, or any type of crazy dragon. In the words of Lelouch: "I don't want to see any walking gummy bears or giant hamsters with candy sticks roaming the site."

3. Clans:
If you want your character to be part of a clan, please post one using an application so that others can join if interested. Your clan application will have a one month grace period for users to join so that you may meet the three person quota.

Role Playing:

Role Playing

1. Controlling Characters:
You may NOT control another member's character unless you have the permission to do so. If you control another member's character without permission in a post, that post will be deleted.

Bad Example : In a swift motion, Lenora slices Tetsuya in half.

Good Example : Lenora attempts to cut Tetsuya into half in one swift motion.

2. Canon Characters
You can bring in characters from Final Fantasy into the RP. These characters CAN be controlled, but CANNOT be killed. You also cannot make them join your clan. Their loyalty remains with their side in the series.

3. Unnecessary Appearance
Do not post for the sake of posting. The creator of an RP topic is trying to tell a story, so you can't just butt in.


1. Controlling
If you volunteer your character for a plot, you are giving permission to the plot designer to use your character according to the plot. If you are controlling a plot this does not mean you can kill off a character unless permission is granted.
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Rule (unofficially official until otherwise noted)
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