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 Tristea Rasbunare

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Tristea Rasbunare

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PostSubject: Tristea Rasbunare   Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:24 pm

Name : Tristea Rasbunare (Tristatea Razbunare, Romanian)
Age : 15
Height : 1.92 meters
Weight : 62 kilograms (I'm using SI units for the height and weight)
Blood Type : O positive (this is my real blood type)
Birthdate : 18th October 1994
Birthplace : Nibelheim

Personality : Tristea's name reflects his personality. His name Tristea originated from the Romanian word Tristatea, which meant sorrow. The burden of his past has brought to Tristea much pain and sadness. Even now, he is unable to leave his past behind and move forward. Forever clinging to this sorrow, Tristea had become a cold and somber boy. His last name, Rasbunare, came from the word Razbunare, which meant vengeance in Romanian. Tristea yearns for revenge against the traitorous relative who betrayed his entire family to their enemies. He even named his weapons 'Punisher' and 'Avenger', with the hopes that he would one day be able to hold the blades by his enemy's throat.

Despite his usually negative personality, Tristea has a lighter side to him, remnants of his once peaceful past. He doesn't have much sense of humor, which usually gives his friends the impression that he is anti-social or something. However, he deeply cares for his friends, and would do anything to ensure their safety. This is Tristea's biggest weakness, but also his biggest strength. Tristea is also merciful to his opponents, as he had sworn not to become like the merciless traitor he was hunting. His signature move also displays his slightly arrogant attitude.

Relationships : Tristea had known several notable people in his life, but not all of their encounters were a good memory.
Cloud : Born in Nibelheim himself, Tristea was friends with Cloud when they were children. Now, they occasionally encounter each other here and there, and keep in touch with each other through their phones and Tifa's 7th Heaven.
Sephiroth : Tristea, on his path of vengeance, had met Sephiroth several times. He and Sephiroth had clashed blades once, but their battle was interrupted by Cloud. It can never be said who would have won the battle if it had continued.
Tifa Lockheart[i/] : Tristea was friends with Tifa as well when he was a child. He met Tifa when he was travelling in the Midgar slums and entered Tifa's 7th Heaven. Now, Tristea would occasionally return to the 7th Heaven when he passed Midgar on his journey.
: Rufus had once encountered Tristea when he was travelling. Being an ex-SOILDER with a high reputation, Rufus had requested that Tristea return to SOILDER, but Tristea refused.

Appearance :
Tristea has black hair that is neither long nor short. He has dark eyes that carry the slightsest hint of emotion possible. Overall, this is the kind of face one would expect from a character with a dark past. Although some would consider him quite cool and handsome, others tend to leave him alone and see him as a strange alien from another world.

The suit Tristea wears is an armor he forged himself. The armor consists of two shoulder pads with two spikes protruding from them. The armor also consists of a kind of leather glove. However, it does not cover the hands: instead, it covers Tristea's arm below his elbow. A small spike protrudes from this cloth as well. A metal breastplate with ornate markings cover the leather suit, giving higher defenses. Created from light metal, the breastplate does not hinder movement at all. Two steel plates are positioned at both sides of Tristea's hips to provide protection. Again, two spikes protrude from the plates. His legs are reinforced with tough leather, giving him a better defese, yet not hindering his movement. Beneath this suit lays Tristea's tall muscular frame. There are many batle scars on his chest, which are signs that Tristea is indeed a veteran warrior.

Weapons :
Punisher Sword : Being a pupil of one of the greatest weaponsmiths in the world, Tristea was able to forge this powerful sword. The metal used to forge this sword was none other than normal steel, but during the forging process, Tristea had added Deathblow, Enemy Skill, Restore and Destruct materia into the blade, giving the weapon the properties of the materia. The weapon is very light, enabling Tristea to move agily.

Avenger Sword : During his travels, Tristea had come upon some ruins of a great city. The Avenger Sword was found by Tristea in the ruins covered by moss. The blade was of expert craftsmanship, and Tristea found out that the weapon was somewhat similiar to his Punisher Sword. The Avenger Sword had the properties of Fire, Ice, Lighting, Poison and Earth materia, which greatly interested Tristea. So, he brought the fine weapon along with him.

Stealth Blades : Due to the inconvenience a sword sometimes produces, Tristea has a couple of light, curved blades ready beneath his suit. This weapons are rarely used by Tristea in combat.

Abilities : Tristea has several special abilities that are both given by his weapon and invented by himself.
Materia Spells : Tristea is able to cast the spells given by the materia on his weapons. However, he must be holding the weapons to use them.
Elemental Strike : Tristea casts either a fire, ice or lighting spell on his blade, imbuing it with the element. The next attack Tristea lands will hasve the element of the spell as well as double, triple, or four times the power, depending on the level of the spell.

Blade Tornado : Tristea repeatedly turns at an incredible speed and spins towards the target, dealing at least five blows.

Meteo Strike : Tristea sheaths one of his swords and holds the remaining weapon with both hands. He jumps up high into the air and comes down upon the target, dealing a ferocious blow equivalent to a meteor hit.

Hades Slash : Tristea wields both his weapons and distances himself from his target. He then dashes forward at an amazing speed and thrusts one sword into the middle of the target. He then thrusts his other sword into the same point. Finally, he twists the swords and slices the target into half.

Ultima Combo : This is Tristea's most powerful technique. He must be wieling both his weapons to execute this technique. Moving at the speed of sound, Tristea charges towards the target and deals ten swift Elemental Strikes before jumping over the target Landing behing the target, Tristea turns and executes his Blade Tornado. Then, he uses an upwards slash and jumps up. Sheathing one sword, Tristea executes his Meteo Strike. After that, Tristea slashes the target with amazing velocity at least twenty times using his dual blades. Finally, Tristea jumps back, spins both his swords at his left and right, then leans both blades behind his waist in a crossed position. He then executes his Hades Slash to end the combo.

History : Tristea was originally a boy living in the mountain village Nibelheim. His father was a reknowned swordsman who was once in the elite group SOILDER. However, he had grown to tire of the way SOILDER works, and left the organization. However, hiis nature refrained him from total retirement, and he now works as a sword-for-hire. Tristea's mother runs the local inn along with several other relatives, and they lived in peace. Tristea led an ordinary childhood life, playing with Tifa, Cloud and other friends.

Until one day, a group of shady figures came to Nibelheim. They 'evacuated' every single resident from their homes except Tristea's family. Tristea hid in his room upstairs as his family talked with the figures downstairs. Before Tristea knows it, smoke seeps in from below the door. Tristea opens the door hurriedly and nearly suffocated. The whole inn was on flames. Suddenly, Tristea's father barges in, wounded and wielding a bloody sword. He immediately grabbed Tristea;'s hand and barged out of the inn. On their way, Tristea sees the corpses of his family lying on the floor. Terror struck him. They kept running until they wetre safely in Mt.Nibel. There, Tristea's father fell; his wounds were too much for him. He whispered his last words in Tristea's ear.

" Run reach Rocket Town. Cid. He'll help you...escape. J...just remember. Don't...ever let...those hooded figures...or your...traitorous uncle...find...yo..."

With that, Tristea lost all that was dear to him. His family, his home...he wasn't sure that his friends were still alive. Greif-stricken, Tristea hurries past Mt.Nibel and found Cid at Rocket Town. Cid, a friend of Tristea's father, gave Tristea a room to stay and some nourishments. As Tristea recovered, he began to feel deep sorrow towards the death of his family. Remembering his father's words, and adding things up, Tristea concludes that his uncle, a greedy fatass, had betrayed his family to their enemies, no doubt. Tristea began to feel hatreed towards his uncle and the murderers who had murdered his family. Telling Cid the whole story, and expressing his wish to avenge his family, Cid gives Tristea a lift on the Tiny Bronco and drops him down at SHINRA headquarters.

There, Tristea expected to receive training to become powerful enough to avenge his family, but instead he was used by Hojo as a test subject. Jenova's cells were inserted into his body and he was exposed to Mako energy. One day, he managed to sneak out from the facility and escape to the Shinra headquarters. Since the experiments Hojo did on him had greatly increased his abilities, he was acepted into SOILDER. After completing many tough missions, Tristea had gained much fame and had got to first class in SOILDER. There, he met Sephiroth and the two became quite close. Tristea entered SOILDER not long before Zack, and the three became friends. After the incident at the Nibel reactor, Tristea was grieved at the loss of two of his friends. Tristea then resigned from SOILDER, to escape from the sad memories. He then travelled to the slums and reencountered Tifa. Tristea enjoyed the reunion with his friend, and it was then that he forged his Punisher Sword.

Soon, Tristea became restless, and his hatred for his uncle and his enemies had not been quenched. So, he left Midgar and continued his path of revenge, despite persuasions by Tifa. On his way, he found his Avenger Sword at some ruins. Not long after, Tristea found himself back at Midgar. There, he reunited with his friend Cloud. Tristea rested there for a while, then went on his way, but not before giving Cloud and Tifa his phone number. During his travels, he met Rufus, who invited him back to SOILDER. Tristea rejected the offer immediately and went on his way. Now, Tristea remains a traveller, and is also a sword for hire to support his expenses.
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PostSubject: Re: Tristea Rasbunare   Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:55 pm

As expected, another exemplary application. Approved.
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Tristea Rasbunare
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